Organicline baby clothing label

I’m glad you are here. It dose take some courage to put myself up here but I think sharing the true story about me is really the best way to introduce you Organicline —- I’m Xinna, the founder and designer for Organicline. 

I loved drawing ever since I was a little girl, I loved it so much that I even changed school just so I could learn drawing from a well known teacher. At that time, there wasn’t any touch screen or anything digital, drawing simply means a pencil and piece of white paper.

I didn’t pursue my passion for drawing or art in my professional career. Followed mainstream and the wisdom of my parents, I went to a well-known business school and fast forward 30 years, I have made myself a typical woman in corporate, working for a global company with regional responsibilities and a glorified title. Life isn't luxury but comfortable and I was proud of what I have achieved, I considered myself successful,  until my daughter Isabel arrived.  Lucky me, I was given a second chance to look at the world through her little bright imaginary eyes and realized something precious has been missing from deep down bottom of my heart.

"All children are artists.
The problem is how to remain
an artist once he grows up."
--Pablo Picasso


Children are the most creative minded creatures, yet we force them into the fast fashion world the adults are living today. Globalization and digitization changed the way we live our lives, so as our children’. Gone are the days when original creativity by our bare hands is truly appreciated. I still remember it clearly however, sitting on that little wooden table a whole afternoon drawing a beautiful red apple tree with my little HB pencil -- one of my happiest childhood memory.

It all started one day, when I look at my precious little girl sitting there at her tiny little wooden desk for over 20 minutes ( very rare for children at her age) , just like me before, concentrating on holding her pencil tight and drawing random circles ( she was not even 2 years old...) , from time to time she would look up at me and proudly says “ appoo, appoo ( apple ) " . I knew from that moment I need to do something, an adventure that both Isabel and myself will be truly proud of.

That's how Organicline was born, as a reflection of original, authentic, imperfect but genuine creativity, to cherish the incredible imagination and pureness of those early years of our children that soon will be gone and we will never have it back.  

Organicline family - Organicline baby and toddler premium organic cotton clothing label


Our Design Process

I'm a firm believer of slow fashion. I hand sketches all my collections from my home studio in Sydney, Australia.  We typically need at least 3 samplings for each pieces to ensure the best fit and comfort, as when it comes to baby clothes, every detail matters. 

From time to time I visit my suppliers and manufacturers overseas who are mostly women with young children just like myself. They work incredibly hard on doing one thing only-- making our beautiful clothes to the best quality. 

We only source the finest and softest organic cotton that are 100% GOTS certified and custom-make all our fabrics to not only best suit for babies and young children's delicate skins but also helps to protect our planet earth -- a shared home all our children and their children will be living in, I care for it deeply and I believe you do as well.   

I thankful every single day that I made the decision to start this journey and I'm humbly overwhelmed by the love I've received from our lovely customers from all over the world. I hope one day when your precious little ones have grown up,  that tiny little Organicline bodysuit or floral dress kept in the drawer will bring back all the sweet memories....


With heart & soul, 

Xinna & Isabel